And the Finnish honeymoon goes on… thanks to the lovely community spirit of our neighbourhood (Henttaa, Espoo)

Finland is globally known as a cold Nordic country… However, since we arrived in 2016 we have been surprised about the warmth we have experienced in the neighbourhood we chose to settle in. Whether it is luck, karma or a generalisable ‘beyond the obvious’ feature of the Finnish society, we feel blessed to have met a countless and growing number of people living in what we can only describe as a hidden “magical oasis” in the heart of Espoo (Hennttaa and its surroundings), also known as Lillhemt

Here is an unconventional description of our family in an article called “Meet the Poppers” that the local newspaper Lillhemtin Sanomat published both in English and Finnish to welcome and introduce us to the lovely community where we live!

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