The top 10 trends for 2020

The future is in flux: with myriad challenges ranging from climate crises to health pandemics, it can be difficult to figure out how to move forward as a business. But at Foresight Factory, we delve into the world of tomorrow so you can act with clarity and conviction today.
Our Trending 2020 report shines the spotlight on the 10 themes we believe are going to shape the consumer experience in the year to come and beyond, all of which are grounded in robust consumer data and reinforced with on-the-ground commentary, case studies and ways to respond.

Here, we give you a sneak peek of the trends you need to know to get ahead in 2020.

1. Synthetic Society

In a health- and eco-aware era, consumers are looking for ways to assuage the guilt associated with everyday living. This is spawning a growing desire for conscience-clear consumption – and a growing need for shame-free imitations of products and activities considered harmful to people and planet.

2. 360 Rewards

In a competitive landscape, consumers are encouraged to question their loyalty daily: would it pay to stay, or should I switch and save? Brands need to rethink their loyalty strategies in 2020, and reward consumer activity beyond spend.
3. Sex Positive

Once regarded as salacious, sex is being rebranded as essential to wellness. The myriad health benefits of sex and masturbation – from body confidence to pain reduction – are being newly celebrated, and brands are expected to join the conversation.

To discover all 10 trends, please refer to our Trending 2020 report. If you are already a client, log in to Foresight Factory Online to access the full report.
Not a client yet? Download the Trending 2020 report preview here, which contains a detailed analysis of two (360 Rewards and Synthetic Society) out of 10 trends.

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