VTTers Co-create Action Roadmaps for Industrial Renewal

VTT Industrial Renewal Lighthouse in-a-nutshell
VTT supports the co-creation of Action Roadmaps for Industrial Renewal
On November 23rd VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland organised an expert workshop to go beyond VTT Lighthouse opportunity pathways and reach a deeper understanding on strategic research pathways and future opportunities for VTT’s Industrial Renewal research and innovation agenda.

VTT_Lighthouses address global challenges and highlight opportunities for sustainable growth and development. The VTT ‘Industrial Renewal‘ Lighthouse focus on the following three opportunity areas where innovations are expected to empower industry:

Design for the future: This opportunity area explores how customers and end-users are increasingly interested in personalised solutions adaptable to their changing needs. Sustainable high-value products and services empowered by customers will be the trump cards for future success. Intelligent design systems will help companies optimise products and systems holistically, taking into account such factors as user experience, performance, energy efficiency, environmental impact, maintenance and service, and material usage over the whole life cycle. Companies are looking for advanced digital solutions that enable them to build competitive edge, increase revenue growth and customer loyalty. Companies that lead in user-experience outperform the competition clearly in revenue growth and customer loyalty. Digital solutions enforce the power of the customer by enabling transparency, new ways of interaction and performance optimisation over the whole system life-cycle.

Rebirth of production: Advances in automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and additive manufacturing are revolutionising production. Mass production becomes nearly independent of labour costs, while small batches and individual customisation become cost-efficient. Decentralised production may become a preferable option for producing highly-customised products near customers.Companies across the globe are looking for ways to holistically optimise supply networks for lower losses, more efficient energy and resource use. But the complexity of real-time optimisation requires cognitive and autonomous solutions with superb quality assurance. Developing competitive manufacturing requires business and ecosystem understanding backed up by deep process, material and manufacturing expertise as well as knowledge of digital technologies.

Disruptive businesses: Global flows of data and information have a higher impact on GDP growth than the trade in goods. There are a number of ways to use the value of data to build business, such as data management, analysis and delivery. Meanwhile services are the core of outcome-economy based business, where suppliers contribute directly to operational efficiency and core value-creation processes. Building successful business innovations based on data and services calls for a visionary approach to disruptions and future markets. This requires companies to combine deep domain expertise with a thorough understanding of related digital technologies.

The workshop supported the VTT Lighthouse strategy by engaging VTTers from relevant teams and substance nodes in 1) reviewing the above-mentioned Industrial Renewal opportunity pathways and 2) co-creating joint Action Roadmaps (see pictures from workshop results).

Around 40 VTT scientists and managers had the opportunity to influence future research directions and expand their connections to people with common research interests. All in all, the workshop helped to steer VTT strategy work and formulate concrete Action Roadmaps for a sustainable Industrial Renewal innovation ecosystem in Finland, Europe and beyond.

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