Towards a forest-based bioeconomy strategy in Uruguay

In the context of the ongoing VTT-led project on Strategic openings for key forest based bioeconomy areas (FBA) in Uruguay an Action Roadmap workshop was organised in Montevideo (Uruguay) on October 25th. The workshop was attended by carefully selected experts and stakeholders with the capacity and interest of shaping the future of the following five FBAs in Uruguay:
FBA1 – Forest management
FBA2 – Mechanical wood processing
FBA3 – Fibre-based biomaterial processing
FBA4 – Biorefining for chemicals and energy products
FBA5 – Bioenergy

The workshop was designed and facilitated by the following organisations:
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland – represented by Rafael Popper, Matti Virkkunen and Klaus Niemelä.
LUKE Natural Resources Institute – represented by Matti Salo; and
OPP Oficina de Planeamiento y Presupuesto – Presidencia de la República – represented by Fernando Isabella, Gaston Mullin, Carolina Da Silva, Federico Rehermann and Andrés Coitiño.
The background material (i.e. Draft Action Roadmaps) was also shared with a team from the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad de la República as well as several other organisations from a wider FBA-Uruguay project ‘Governance Group’ (GG).

A total of 15 Draft Action Roadmaps were discussed at the workshop, which was part of the fifth and final step of the FBA-Uruguay foresight process.

At the end of the journey the VTT-LUKE-OPP-GG teams will produce a consolidated Action Roadmap aimed to pave the way towards a forest-based bioeconomy strategy in Uruguay by 2050. While the workshop results are currently being processed by the project team, an ad hoc progress meeting was organised with the Ambassador of Uruguay in Finland (HE Pablo Sader) in order to share key insights and support other ongoing initiatives between Finland and Uruguay in the bioeconomy, which is a highly strategic and important area for both countries today and in the future.

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