Expert Panel on FUTURE PAST: QUO VADIS INNOVATION – POLICY? (European Parliament, 28 November 2018)From left: Frans van der Zee (TNO and JIIP), Rafael Popper (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland), Robbert Fisher (JIIP), Nicholas Vonortas (George Washington University), Wolfgang Polt (Joaneum Research), Jos Leijten (JIIP), Dirk Pilat (OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation) and Hielke Hijmans (EU law consultant). JIIP Symposium on Future Past: Quo Vadis Innovation – Policy? Research and Innovation are driving forces for growth, jobs and well-being. Over the past 10 years research and innovation policy in Europe faced a period of deep financial and economic crisis, [...]
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More than 350 people from 50 countries in Europe and beyond – entrepreneurs, training providers, policy makers, innovators – gathered in Turin, Italy to discuss the skills needed to prepare people for the job market in a rapidly changing world, with a new perspective: the one of transition and developing countries. Read ETF Press Release In the context of the 2018 UnConference (Nov 20) and Conference (Nov 21-22) on ‘Skills for the Future: Managing transition' organised by the European Training Foundation (ETF), the EU Agency in charge of developing training and education in the EU neighbouring countries, VTT Technical Research Centre of [...]
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Click to download bulletin This News Bulletin reports on ongoing research and innovation (R&I) cooperation initiatives between the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia (UCC) and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, with the support of the Embassy of Colombia in Helsinki. Inspiring futures beyond the obvious on: The need for science and innovation diplomacy Scientific cooperation ideas between Colombia and Finland Multi-stakeholder and high-level meetings with VTT and UCC Opportunities in the areas of circular economy and bioeconomy The way forward and future actions by UCC and VTT [...]
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A rum punch for every occasion – PUNCHY drinks brings drinkers, teetotallers and moderators together Foresight Factory invited the founders of PUNCHY Drinks to The Creative Exchange to discuss all things low- to no-ABV. PUNCHY introduced its innovative rum punch drinks that disrupt the divide between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. What is PUNCHY Drinks? Founded in 2018, PUNCHY Drinks has created the world's first rum punch with a 4% and 0% ABV option. The difference between the two is barely discernible, giving consumers a choice. We discuss why this choice is a pivotal moment in the alcohol sector. Blended with peach [...]
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‘Pan de Bono Diplomacy' in action with Colombian Ambassador in Finland (H.E. Dr. Betty ESCORCIA BAQUERO) and Colombian Consul in Finland (Dr. Jose Camilo SANDOVAL ROJAS) Longlasting strategic partnerships are built on trust and a common agenda. With this in mind VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and UCC Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia have been co-creating scientific research and innovation collaboration opportunities between Colombia and Finland. On October 12th and November 2nd VTT successfully piloted a new and rather promising Pan de Bono Diplomacy (PBD) approach while hosting a series of high-level meetings in Finland with representatives from: VTT Technical Research Centre of [...]
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How do British consumers expect Brexit to impact society? The UK is leaving the European Union on the 29th of March, less than six months away. We are, however, no closer to understanding what a post EU-Britain will look like. In September 2018, we asked British consumers how they expected Brexit to impact everyday life to ascertain the consumer mindset. The impact on the UK economy: Leavers are most optimistic Nearly half of all people who took part in the survey say that leaving the EU will negatively impact the UK's economy. The outlook of the economy is the area where [...]
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In the context of the ongoing VTT-led project on Strategic openings for key forest based bioeconomy areas (FBA) in Uruguay an Action Roadmap workshop was organised in Montevideo (Uruguay) on October 25th. The workshop was attended by carefully selected experts and stakeholders with the capacity and interest of shaping the future of the following five FBAs in Uruguay: FBA1 – Forest management FBA2 – Mechanical wood processing FBA3 – Fibre-based biomaterial processing FBA4 – Biorefining for chemicals and energy products FBA5 – Bioenergy The workshop was designed and facilitated by the following organisations: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland – represented by Rafael Popper, Matti Virkkunen and [...]
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This year the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) celebrates its 70th anniversary contributing to the forging of sustainable development with equality for all the peoples of the Latin American and Caribbean region. As highlighted in an ECLAC's press release: ECLAC was founded on February 25, 1948 via resolution number 106 (VI) of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. It is one of five United Nations regional commissions and is the only intergovernmental body of the United Nations Secretariat in Latin America and the Caribbean. It acts as a bridge between global and national levels with [...]
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LYS Technologies discusses how to let light in and improve wellbeing During September, we invited Christina Blach Petersen (CEO & Founder) and Shira Jeczmien (Content Director) from LYS Technologies to The Creative Exchange to discuss the impact of modern living and light deprivation on wellbeing. Light exposure it yet another factor that impacts consumer health and wellbeing – a topic that every sector should take seriously now. What is LYS Technologies? LYS Technologies (the Danish word for “light”, pronounced luce) is a data and wearable technology firm aiming to improve productivity and wellbeing. It has created a wearable to track light [...]
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As part of the Finnish University Partnership for International Development (UniPID) network activities, an International Seminar on Bioeconomy-led development: Opportunities through Nordic-Southern Cone countries cooperation was held on 18-19 October 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Seminar background Since 2013 the UniPID network has coordinated the FinCEAL initiative aimed to support research and innovation cooperation between Finland, other European countries and the LAC region; and build on EU-CELAC STI policy priorities. Seminar objectives In order to support partnership building and increase the number of joint projects in specific themes of mutual interest, including bioeconomy, the seminar aimed at: Increase dialogue and synergies between existing bilateral initiatives [...]
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Conrad von Igel (Director Ejecutivo del Centro de Innovación UC), Rajesh Kalidindi (Senior Manager, Microsoft Seattle), Ignacio Sánchez (Rector, UC), María de los Ángeles Romo (Gerenta Corporativa, CORFO), Ricardo Paredes (Rector, DUOC UC), Riel Miller (Head of Future Literacy, UNESCO) and Rafael Popper (Principal Scientist of Business, Innovation & Foresight, VTT). The Innovation Centre UC Anacleto Angelini of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile organised an international seminar aimed to position, promote, discuss and establish innovation capacities around some social and technological megatrends that will impact on quality of life by 2050, such as digital transformation, ageing society and sustainable cities, [...]
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In the context of the 1st Congress on Bio-refineries and Renewable Energies supported by ICT (BRESICT) held in the city of Medellín (Colombia) on 17-20 September 2018, representatives from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia (UCC) have strengthened their collaboration in a wide range of scientific and technological areas. The Rector of UCC (Prof. Dr. Maritza Rondón Rangel) and the Director of Research in Engineering at UCC (Prof. Dr. Fernando Colmenares) expressed their commitment to accelerate the transformation of ideas and opportunities generated during the various events and meetings into winning project proposals and concrete [...]
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I gave Amazon 4 /5 stars for successfully bringing online retail trends into offline shopping. I visited Amazon's new 4-Star store in New York which sells a weekly-rotating inventory of products from its site with a consumer rating of 4 stars or more. The brick-and-mortar store crams in customer favorites from 30+ categories such as in home tech, candles, books and giftsfor kids, grown-ups and even your pet. The store does a great job of bringing online retail trends into a real store. It displays star-ratings and consumer reviews by every product and offers one-click checkout via the Amazon App (shoppers [...]
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In the context of the Horizon 2020 EL-CSID project, focused on the analysis of developments in science and cultural diplomacy and the role of Europe's foreign policies, the Joint Institute of Innovation Policy (JIIP) organised a workshop in Brussels to explore the impact of competition driven innovation in collaboration oriented science diplomacy. Key questions of the EL-CSID workshop Do the principles of “open innovation” and “open to the world” hold as long-term guidelines in an increasingly competitive and sometimes even hostile global environment? Are there critical technology fields for Europe that need special attention (fostering, protecting), and if so which? What is the [...]
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The humanization of pets has opened a new world of digital pet healthcare Is your pup part of the family? Does your cat rule the roost? The humanization of pets has opened up a new world of premium products. In late June, Foresight Factory hosted The Creative Exchange, a program which invites innovators, experts and industry disruptors to share their ideas. We invited James Andrews, the founder of digital pet healthcare startup Felcana to tell us more about owners and how the pet healthcare market is a precursor for human health trends. Felcana runs a 360 health monitoring system. It combines information [...]
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What we've learnt from Prime Day and Amazon's push into the food category Amazon's fourth annual Prime Day began on July 16 at 3 pm EDT and ran for 36 hours. What was different from last year was the addition of Amazon-owned Whole Foods to the exclusive sales and discounts. Building on our past analysis of trends driving Amazon, here are 5 more trends spurring the Amazon growth in grocery specifically. 1. The Shoppable Universe Customers are naturally adapting to online-offline shopping experiences. This is illustrated by the introduction of Amazon lockers at Whole Foods stores after the 2017 acquisition. These lockers [...]
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Disruptor Case Study: Pernilla Belfrage & The Garden of Thoughts At the beginning of June, Foresight Factory hosted The Creative Exchange (a programme which invites innovators, experts and industry disruptors to share their ideas) with Creative Director and Visual Storyteller Pernilla Belfrage. She brought along her VR installation, The Garden of Thoughts, and discussed the connection between the physical and VR worlds, and the future role of VR in consumers' lives. Who is Pernilla Belfrage, and what is The Garden of Thoughts? Pernilla Belfrage is a Creative Director and Visual Storyteller, with a background in illustration, graphic design, web design, textile [...]
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DNA home tests should partner with ancestry for mass appeal and medical professionals for authority According to industry estimates, consumer DNA testing more than doubled in 2017. Ancestry.com, the biggest provider, announced that it has tested more than seven million people's DNA details, 23andme, the second largest, more than three million. We measure the largest volume of google searches for consumer DNA testing in the US. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK also have high levels of searches. Interest in DNA testing is rising in China too, where instead of being motivated by the desire to understand ethnic ancestry as [...]
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Made in China is gaining admiration among Chinese Millennials The first part of the Marketing to Chinese National Pride tracks the predictive consumer trend around the Allure of Local products. In China, Millennials are spearheading a renaissance in “Made in China” products. In the rest of the series find out: How heritage has been rebranded The interplay between local and international in luxury New Skater Nationalism Pride in “Made in China” It's not unfair to say that the phrase ‘Made in China' has been negatively perceived for a long time, perhaps nowhere more acutely than in China itself. While local provenance carries added value and is [...]
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Disruptor Trend Study: Jo Boyd, King and Tuke In April, Foresight Factory hosted a Creative Exchange (an FF programme which invites innovators, experts and industry disruptors to share their ideas with our team) with Jo Boyd, Managing Director at independent advertising agency and brand consultancy King and Tuke. With over 25 years in the business, Boyd came in to give his opinion on how brands can avoid becoming invisible when purchasing decisions are automated. The threat – brands are bypassed Voice is regaining importance for brands thanks to connected home devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers that use smart assistants [...]
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