The humanization of pets has opened a new world of digital pet healthcare Is your pup part of the family? Does your cat rule the roost? The humanization of pets has opened up a new world of premium products. In late June, Foresight Factory hosted The Creative Exchange, a program which invites innovators, experts and industry disruptors to share their ideas. We invited James Andrews, the founder of digital pet healthcare startup Felcana to tell us more about owners and how the pet healthcare market is a precursor for human health trends. Felcana runs a 360 health monitoring system. It combines information [...]
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What we've learnt from Prime Day and Amazon's push into the food category Amazon's fourth annual Prime Day began on July 16 at 3 pm EDT and ran for 36 hours. What was different from last year was the addition of Amazon-owned Whole Foods to the exclusive sales and discounts. Building on our past analysis of trends driving Amazon, here are 5 more trends spurring the Amazon growth in grocery specifically. 1. The Shoppable Universe Customers are naturally adapting to online-offline shopping experiences. This is illustrated by the introduction of Amazon lockers at Whole Foods stores after the 2017 acquisition. These lockers [...]
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Disruptor Case Study: Pernilla Belfrage & The Garden of Thoughts At the beginning of June, Foresight Factory hosted The Creative Exchange (a programme which invites innovators, experts and industry disruptors to share their ideas) with Creative Director and Visual Storyteller Pernilla Belfrage. She brought along her VR installation, The Garden of Thoughts, and discussed the connection between the physical and VR worlds, and the future role of VR in consumers' lives. Who is Pernilla Belfrage, and what is The Garden of Thoughts? Pernilla Belfrage is a Creative Director and Visual Storyteller, with a background in illustration, graphic design, web design, textile [...]
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DNA home tests should partner with ancestry for mass appeal and medical professionals for authority According to industry estimates, consumer DNA testing more than doubled in 2017., the biggest provider, announced that it has tested more than seven million people's DNA details, 23andme, the second largest, more than three million. We measure the largest volume of google searches for consumer DNA testing in the US. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK also have high levels of searches. Interest in DNA testing is rising in China too, where instead of being motivated by the desire to understand ethnic ancestry as [...]
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Made in China is gaining admiration among Chinese Millennials The first part of the Marketing to Chinese National Pride tracks the predictive consumer trend around the Allure of Local products. In China, Millennials are spearheading a renaissance in “Made in China” products. In the rest of the series find out: How heritage has been rebranded The interplay between local and international in luxury New Skater Nationalism Pride in “Made in China” It's not unfair to say that the phrase ‘Made in China' has been negatively perceived for a long time, perhaps nowhere more acutely than in China itself. While local provenance carries added value and is [...]
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Disruptor Trend Study: Jo Boyd, King and Tuke In April, Foresight Factory hosted a Creative Exchange (an FF programme which invites innovators, experts and industry disruptors to share their ideas with our team) with Jo Boyd, Managing Director at independent advertising agency and brand consultancy King and Tuke. With over 25 years in the business, Boyd came in to give his opinion on how brands can avoid becoming invisible when purchasing decisions are automated. The threat – brands are bypassed Voice is regaining importance for brands thanks to connected home devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers that use smart assistants [...]
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Consistently ranked as one of Russia's top universities, the Higher School of Economics (HSE) is a leader in Russian education and one of the preeminent economics and social sciences universities in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. Having rapidly grown into a well-renowned research university over two decades, HSE sets itself apart with its international presence and cooperation. In a recent interview with the HSE News Service, I spoke in depth about my research interests, teaching philosophy and long-lasting collaboration with HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge and Laboratory for Economics of Innovation. Click here to read the full interview [...]
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Three expert workshops (Latin America + Australia + Europe) in three weeks: Latin America Expert Workshop on ‘Innovation Management and Intelligent Leadership' aimed to co-create knowledge on strategic cooperation opportunities between Finland and Costa Rica. Australia Expert Workshop aimed to create a shared vision and an action roadmap for the establishment of the Innovation Center in the Ballarat region. European Training Foundation (ETF) Expert Workshop on the Future of Work and Skills aimed to promote an open debate for a collective reflection among the experts on the impact of global developments on the future of work and skills in the developing and transition [...]
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Dash Water Co-founder Alex Wright
Naturally hydrating the nation while reducing food waste In late March, Foresight Factory hosted a Creative Exchange (a new FF programme which invites innovators, experts and industry disruptors to share their ideas with our team) with UK sparkling flavoured water brand Dash Water. Co-founder Alex Wright came in to tell us about the company's commitment to “naturally hydrate the nation” while reducing food waste. Who are Dash and what do they do? Launched in May 2017, Dash Water is a London-based startup in the “unsweet” drinks category. The brand's drinks contain just two ingredients: sparkling spring water and fresh fruit / vegetables, [...]
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Using interactive 3D design to change the shopping experience At the end of February, Foresight Factory hosted the second Creative Exchange (a new programme which invites innovators, experts and industry disruptors to share their ideas with our team) with UK interior design startup Stitched. Co-founder Will Verrill came in to tell us about the company's interactive 3D design platform, and how it is changing the customer shopping experience. Who are Stitched and what do they do? London-based Stitched launched its 3D online shopping experience for made-to-measure curtains and blinds in October 2017, aimed at consumers who are looking for an easy-to-use service. [...]
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Interested in shaping the future? Join our 5-day course (2-6 July) on ‘The ART of Foresight & Sustainable Futures' in the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR). Since 2018 the course runs in partnership with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, a leading global research & technology development organization. To download the 2018 course brochure, please click here To visit the webpage of the 2018 course, please click here Anticipating, Recommending and Transforming Research and Innovation Futures The world is experiencing great uncertainties about the unfolding economic crisis and its aftershocks. Many countries, industries and public services face challenging futures where the quest for [...]
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Relevant policy assessment and evaluation frameworks The European Training Foundation (ETF) has initiated a reflection on how the Torino Process (TRP) can be used to introduce and promote an evaluation dimension in the exercise. To that end, on February 26th an expert roundtable has been organised in Torino (Italy) to share knowledge and practices in the area of policy evaluation, and discuss their applicability in line with the specificities of the TRP and its partner countries. The expert meeting aims to provide an opportunity to get acquainted with selected aspects of the TRP, and benefit from the knowledge and advice of [...]
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The Healthcare Innovation Forum in Vilnius (Lithuania) provides an excellent opportunity to share how VTT‘s Lighthouses research and innovation activities can help to promote ‘Good Life' in Finland and the World through ‘citizen-centric care' solutions. In the panel discussion and short keynote I showcased good practices, as well as recent experiences and lessons learned from the UK Horizon Scanning on Healthcare. To download the slides please click here The first panel debate at the LAWG's Healthcare Innovation Forum 2018 on “Horizon scanning: why & how to launch it in Lithuania?” featured the following speakers: Dr. Alvydas Česas, Chief of Oncology [...]
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Foresight Factory Trend Analysts have delved into the challenges facing a number of key sectors as we enter 2018, including financial services, food, and travel. They have scrutinised our newest consumer data and along with their expertise in trends, selected five key actions for each industry. In this series, we are covering four industries from the 15 available on our platform FFonline, where each post will focus on one key strategy for the year to come. In 2018, retailers face a multitude of challenges. Consumers have more freedom in how they shop than ever before, with the one-click generation expecting unparalleled [...]
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Foresight Factory data segmentation analysis, willingness to share personal data
Your personalised pricing strategy for 2018 The last theme from our Trending 2018 report focuses on a topic that has been an evolving feature in the consumer landscape, and which we predict to hit the mainstream in 2018. A demand for pricing elasticity has gradually been dismantling the traditional concept of RRP or ticket price, creating an opportunity for dynamic, personalised pricing models. These are time-sensitive and adaptable to the lifestyles and lifestages of consumers, helping to entice new customers and differentiate retailers. Think of it as a data-led and customised marketplace in conventional retail settings. We call this Custom At [...]
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To honour the 100th birthday of my grandfather (the late László Popper), my father (Raimund Popper) used László's diary to write a book about his challenges, experiences and survival strategies as a “mixed race (first degree)” human being who was discriminated against his race and ideologies. László was born in Vienna (Austria) on 28 April 1917 and his life was remarkably shaped by the inevitable challenge of being “trapped” in the Greater German Reich (Großdeutsches Reich), the empire that Nazi Germany tried to build in Europe during World War II. László's life shows that self-leadership can help transform barriers, weaknesses and crises [...]
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Keynote at the 275th Anniversary Symposium of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg Abstract Foresight has emerged as a key instrument for the development and implementation of research and innovation policy. Foresight is a systematic, participatory, prospective and policy-oriented process which, with the support of environmental/horizon scanning approaches, is aimed to actively engage key stakeholders into a wide range of activities anticipating, recommending and transforming (ART) technological, economic, environmental, political, social and ethical (TEEPSE) futures. In Georghiou et al. (2008) Foresight is characterised by long-term orientation, use of a range of formal tools and techniques for long-term analyses, involvement of a wide pool of expertise [...]
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Engineering Management in Production and Services This article presents new concepts and practical approaches resulting from the piloting of CASI-F – a common framework for the assessment and management of sustainable innovation (SI). Based on lessons learned from action research carried out in the context of the EU funded CASI project, the article focuses on the meta-analysis of 46 action roadmaps produced with 43 innovators supporting the practical application of CASI-F. The applied methodology helped to demonstrate that a multi-level and multi-actor advice approach promotes a shift towards improved understanding of innovations-related critical issues (barriers, drivers, opportunities and threats) and stakeholders' [...]
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Applying text mining and sentiment analysis to EIS parents' insights on the proposed move of EIS to Otaniemi EIS Community opinions and insights regarding the proposed relocation of EIS to Otaniemi were gathered through the EIS Community Survey, the EIS Advisory Referendum and on this Blog. All comments and insights gathered through these sources were collectively analysed applying text mining and sentiment analysis (also known as opinion/emotion mining) given the subjectivity of the information and the sensitivity of the subject to survey respondents and blog visitors, and therefore the obvious presence of emotions and sentiments behind the text. A total of 639 arguments [...]
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A truly bottom-up initiative has organically emerged to promote a more transparent and participatory community engagement process that will hopefully support the forthcoming decision-making about the potential relocation of Espoo International School (EIS) to Otaniemi. The main activities of the process are reported in a new Blog aimed to capture as many EIS Community comments, concerns and insights about the positive and negative impacts as well as broader societal implications of moving EIS out of Opinmäki. [...]
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